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NCAA media contacts

If you are a media representative and cannot find the information you need on this website, please use this media inquiry form.

Stacey Osburn?()
Director of?Communications?
Contact for:?Association-Wide initiatives,?Corporate Relationships, Finance, Legal

Gail Dent?()
Associate Director of?Communications?
Contact for:?Inclusion and Title IX

Meghan Durham?()
Associate?Director of?Communications?
Contact for:?Academics, Basketball, Baseball, Finances

Michelle Hosick?()
Associate Director of?Communications?
Contact for:?Academics, Division I Governance, Eligibility

Emily James?()
Associate Director of?Communications
Contact for:?Infractions, Legal, Eligibility

Greg Johnson
Associate Director of Communications
爱的交换 Contact for:?Championships

Chris Radford?()
Associate Director of?Communications
爱的交换 Contact for:?Health & Safety, Baseball, Football, Eligibility

Jeremy Villanueva
Assistant Director of Communications
Contact for:?Divisions II and III